5 Tips to Be Fit, Green and Cheap in 2010

With our tighter budgets, bigger waistlines and smoggy air it is time that we get more creative in reaching our fitness goals in 2010. In this New Year, we can use Greener ways to reach those goals and fit into a smaller pants size. But where do we begin making changes that don’t require more time in our busy lives? I’ve got a list to get you started.

1. Cancel Your Big Gym Membership

I’m sure you are scratching your head on this one, but by canceling your gym membership you can save yourself $40-$60 a month easy. Look for your local community center instead that offers lower rates and support your community. Take it up a level yet, leave the car at home and walk or bike there.

2. Join a local “Boot Camp”

Outdoors fitness groups or Boot Camps are a trend that has carried into 2010. Most already have the equipment or will require you to bring your own bands to join in the fun. Search online for a nearby group, check your local Meetup.com or even grab some friends to play outside. Enjoy the fresh air and have a giggle while breaking a sweat.

3. Bike to Work or Take The Bus

Did you know that you could bike to the bus stop, mount it on the bus and use it once you reach your destination? Talk about combining watching your budget, weight and being Green all in one! Googlemaps.com provides an easy way to see your local bus schedule easy. Note: Check your local Public Transportation Website for costs.

4. Get Buff in your Living Room

I am sure that you have tried this at home many times before, but getting fit at home has never been more popular as it is now. With Exergaming like Wii available, TRX Suspension workout systems and Functional or Dance workout Video series available, you can get fit without it ever getting dull.

5. Check Your Kitchen for Workout Equipment

You know those refillable water bottles that you carry with you everywhere (hint, hint); you can use those as Free weights. Instead of buying a set of weights in ranging weights, use anything from those water bottles, cans of food to empty milk jugs. You can control the weight that you need with water or sand as you get stronger. Those guns will make your friends green with envy.

Taking it Old School – Reading!

I have always liked reading. In fact, I learned how to walk, run and climb stairs at the library with my Lila Bear (short for Library bear). When trouble or questions come my way, I will of course google for a short answer, but look for a book to help solve the root of the problem.. I sound like my mother. In my quest for both Greeness and Fitness, I have found some books that might help make you feel warm and bubbly – or smell like books, your choosing.

Oprah is always up on the new trends and she premiered this amazing new cookbook. See you can have good food and leave the cow intact!

The Conscious Cook: Delicious Meatless Recipes That Will Change the Way You Eat

I have to tell you I love Micheal Pollan – He way rules in my book. He has another new book so it is about time you learn about that chicken you are eating – right – now.

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual

Obviously food is on my mind today, but so is Green Jobs/Careers. I have this book in hand that I have been reading. Other than Careers in Healthcare, this may be the next big thing depending on where you are living. Check it:

Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

This is one next on my reading list:

Green Jobs for a New Economy: The Career Guide to Emerging Opportunities

This one will be in read in conjunction to the Green Jobs book – Lets get it cooking! Er going.. again with the food..

75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make Money and Make A Difference

Stretch Out on This

I had tweeted asking about some green fitness products (you may follow my random musings here: twitter.com/FitKate) and look what I found!

Natural Fitness


Bean Products

Isn’t it awesome that getting fit doesn’t have to leave a nasty bruise on the planet?

We moved! (Yes already!)

I know, it is early for a move but this blog title is better. Thats all.

Run Right into the Recyle Bim – The Recycled Athletic Shoes

Wether you are an avid runner, a gym rat or a muscle head, we all like to get new shoes to stay in a healthy shape in. I will admit sometimes it isn’t because they are past their prime, but because you just want the new flashy shoes (I know you do, don’t try to deny it). But here is my question, what do you do when you are done? You can always give them to the homeless that you see on the streets, but chances are you just throw them in the trash. S-T-O-P! Lets find some other answers.

Did you know that Athletic shoe and Fitness Powerhouse, Nike has a recycle program? neither did I! But they do and you can learn how to recycle your shoes with them here:

Nike Resuse a shoe Program

With so many hit with hard times right now, Donate your athletic shoes and “Give Your Sole”. Awesome non-profit!


Want other options or live outside the US? Bam!

More shoe recycling programs

Want to save the planet with every running step? I knew that you were going to ask! Here is some recycled running shoes so you can start off on the right foot:

Eco Friendly Sneaks

You can’t run all the time, so having an option where you can wear fun shoes and a child in Africa get’s a pair is even better. Tom’s shoes, I heart you!

Get some TOMS!

Got some more options to share? Please leave a comment and spread the word!

Welcome and What is this?

I had the idea for Greener Fitness after I moved out to Colorado and desired another way to not damage my surroundings while staying fit and healthy. While looking for a new Job, I got the idea to start a blog about being Green and Fit. I am surrounded by people who would rather run while it is snowing or ride their bikes year-round. From being a Personal Trainer, I believe there is more to fitness than the latest fads and gimmicks that doesn’t add to the dumb that is reaching its limits. How can we take it back to basics and keep it interesting? Got some ideas or want to add? Do you have a product that you want to share? Awesome, lets hear it!

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